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Franck Muller The Watch Making Company


Franck Muller The Watch Making Company

Franck Muller has been called the Master of Complications. He is a Swiss watchmaker born in 1958 in La Chaux de Fonds.

After he graduated from watch making school he began to repair high quality pocket watches and he became responsible for Patek Philippe watches. Whilst he was repairing the complicated watches, he began to like the complicated mechanisms and he started to think about his own workshop.

Franck Muller started his creative career in 1984 where he designed a new collection of Tourbillion wristwatch.

In 1992 he opened the House of Franck Muller and has since become popular in the UAS and Europe.

The Collections

Every year Franck Muller designs a new collection and every collection has that something different.

The aim of Franck Muller is to create stylish and complicated mechanisms.

His first collection, the Tourbillion collection has an interesting mechanism. Pocket watches were notorious for not being precise because of the gravity force on them; the solution was to mount the escapement in a rotating frame. The frame rotated 1800 and cancelled the gravity effect. At the time it was considered to be one of the most difficult mechanisms to make.

Notable Timepieces

Revolution 2revolution 2

This was the first watch to have both vertical and horizontal tourbillion. There is a rotating carriage that rotates once a minute and is pretty amazing to see.

Revolution 3

This watch is different because it has a minute repeater. The watch tells you the time through audible tones.

Long Island Crazy Hours

This is an unusual timepiece. On the face the hours are mixed up. The hour hand does not function like normal as it actually jumps to indicate the hour and the minute hand is normal. It is also made from 18K white gold.

The Colour Dreams Watch

This watch is from the Curvex Collection. The idea was to make the numbers in different colours so that the women that wear them would be different from others.

Chronograph Endurance

The special thing about this watch is that it has numbers to 23 so that it shows the time in a 24-hour mode.

Franck Muller has created some beautiful watches that have incorporated complicated mechanisms.